Establishing a global level academic research networks for systematic connection between academic research DBs at home and abroad by publishing an international academic general in nano convergence

Business overview

Journal name Nano Convergence First issue Feb. 21, 2014
ISSN 2196-5404 Number of published articles 4~5 articles per month, 55 articles per year (as of 2023)
Publisher Springer Nature Editor in chief William Jo (Professor, Ewha Womans University, Luke P. Lee (Harvard University)
Area of publication 7 areas in nanotechnology (electronics, device, material, energy, bio, engineering, and emerging)


  • 융합 학문의 국제학술지 발간

    Issue of international journal in convergence based on domestic and international professional society networking

    Expansion of the scope of domestic research and development efficiency and proactive joint research in the interdisciplinary field of nanotechnology to a global scale through the publication of international academic journals
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  • 신규학술지 발굴/육성

    Provision of a platform for exchange of research results for domestic and foreign researchers through the publication of world-class academic journals

    Presentation of academic status and development plan for domestic academic journals and creation of an advanced academic ecosystem foundation

Main achievements

  • Listed in key academic database such as ‘SCIE’, ‘Scopus’ and ‘Pubmed Central’
  • The impact factor recorded in 2022 was 11.7
  • Ranked in the top 10% (Q1) in the JCR categories ‘Physics Applied’, ‘Materials Science, Multidisciplinary’, and ranked in the top 16.4% (Q1) in the ‘Nanoscience & Nanotechnology’ field
  • Enhancing recognition of journal at home and abroad by co-hosting international academic conference ‘Nature Conference’ with a globally renowned publisher ‘Nature Research’

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