Through the council's network of experts, we contribute to establishing policies in the nanotechnology field and respond to national/industrial issues

Establishment of a policy establishment support system in the nanotechnology field

Establishment of a support system that can always respond to national agendas and requests for government policy advice through a network of experts from academia, research institutes, and industry

Response to policy demands by establishing a detailed expert organization within the council

  • Policy planning committee

    Establishment and overall management of key activity directions according to policy direction

  • Technical working group

    Establishment of a network of experts in each nanotechnology field and promotion of major projects

  • Special research groups

    Establishment of expert network by research field and derivation of detailed agenda

Proposal of mid- to long-term R&D strategy in the field of nanotechnology

Promoting voluntary R&D / policy proposal activity through the collective intelligence in professional networks

  • Discovery of competitive nanotechnology (group) that will lead to securing future super-gap technology, technological independence in materials and components of the nation's main industries, and securing of core source technology
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  • Derivation and proposal of ideas for the advancement of the nanotechnology field through the expert network of the council to the government and related agencies

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