Carrying out the leading country’s role in Asia in nanotechnology by promoting future nano scientific technical cooperation among researchers and international cooperation activity for global technical exchange.

Business activities

Activities as a member of Asia Nano Forum

Outline Nano researcher’s forum in Asia-Pacific region established in 2004 to establish direction and strategy of future nano technology cooperation among member countries in Asia.
Main activities Circular hosting of ANF annual meeting among membership countries, workshop group activities for specific topics, publishing annual newsletter on nanotechnology related news per member countries

Korea-China-Japan Nanotechnology cooperation MOU

Date October 21, 2021 (Thursday)
Institutions KoNTRS (Korea), Japan Nano Tech Executive Committee(Japan), National Center for Nanoscience and Technology(China)
Main contents Developing cooperation network such as technical trends and policy trend sharing among Korea-China-Japan, three key advanced countries leading nanotechnology.


  • 최신 기술동향 공유
    Sharing latest technical trends of powerful countries in nanotechnology such as US, Europe, Japan and China
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  • 학술행사 공동 개최
    Reinforcing international cooperation by joint hosting academic events such as cooperation forum, etc.
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  • 인적교류 활성화
    Vitalization of mutual human resource exchange in two parties or multiple parties

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