Ground of establishment

It was established according to Clause 7 of Nanotechnology Development Promotion Act to promote the information and manpower exchange and joint researches in academy, research and industry and to contribute policy studies, academic activities and early commercialization

Article 7 of the Nanotechnology Development Promotion Act (KoNTRS)

The Minister of Science and ICT may permit industrial, academic and research circles to form and operate the KoNTRS in order to promote information exchange, human resources exchange, and cooperative research among researchers in industrial, academic and research circles, as prescribed by Presidential Decree.

Main businesses

  • Planning research to promote R&D in nano technology area

  • Nanotechnology related academic activity, information provision and public cooperation

  • Nanotechnology related domestic and international academic meeting host and international cooperation project

  • Education and training project to nurture new research personnel in nanotechnology area


  • Leading
    Leading research planning and policy development in preparation of future technical demand.
  • Fostering
    Fostering global scientists leading a global country in nanotechnology.
  • Convergence
    Promoting interdisciplinary cooperation and convergence by establishing professional networks in academy, research and industry.

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