Nano Young Challenge is an idea contest in nanotechnology to undergraduate and graduate students contributing to develop creative and challenging ideas, foster next generation nano researchers and expand research bases.


Fostering creative nanotechnology professionals by providing an opportunity to plan infinite future world and to suggest ideas with nanotechnology to undergraduate and graduate students who are next generation researchers

* Sponsors : Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity, National Nano Infrastructure Society, Korea Carbon and Nano Industry Association, Nano Technology Research Association

Areas of contest

All areas of nanotechnology: Nano information electronics, Nano energy, Nano bio, Nano materials, Nano manufacturing, Nano environment

  • Creation of ideas

    Creation of innovative and original nanotechnologies

  • Problem solving ability

    Solving unsolved nanotechnology

  • Creation of industrial and social value

    Discovery of nanotechnology that can start a business


Individual or team of undergraduate(graduate) who are enrolled (in leave) of domestic universities

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